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Oona Menges is an experienced and visionary Camera Woman who over the past 3 decades has perfected her craft, training under some of the industry’s most internationally respected DOP’s such as Robert Alazraki, Chris Menges and John Mathieson. Earning her stripes on films such as Dirty Pretty Things, The Good Thief, Love is the Devil and The Woodlanders.

After a brief spell in North America Oona returned to the UK and in 2013 launched her career as a cinematographer. Quickly gaining recognition for her exceptional technical knowledge and creative capacity.

She has been invited by prestigious industry participants to give talks about her work and the equipment she has been trialling including; the Varicam Pure for Panasonic, the Codex Action Cam for Codex and Leica Lenses.  

She has worked across a variety of story telling platforms including commercials, documentary, TV drama, shorts and feature films and is committed to utilising her extensive experience to bring not only her own voice, ideas and creativity to the screen but those of the directors, writers and film makers with whom she collaborates.  

In 2016 Oona was featured in British Cinematographer’s ‘New Wave’ article and in February, was one of 10 selected from 500 for American Cinematographer’s ‘Rising Star’ article.

Oona has UK, US and Canadian passports & work permits.

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Looking for Albert