Daniella Smith


Daniella gained a BAFTA scholarship to train for 15 months at the NFTS, under the expertise of Simon Clark, Clive Derbyshire, Merv Gerrard, Ian Sands, and Russel Edwards, and became the first ever AMPS scholar in 2016. Now a current Sara Putt Associates trainee, bearing two health and safety passports, a full driving licence with car, and France filming experience from recording a short with the lead singers of The Kooks, and Alt J; she is looking to expand upon her previous shadowing on ‘King Lear,’ and ‘In the Long Run,’ with a trainee position with you. Why Daniella?
Yes she can set up your 2040s, sound devices, MKH50s, coil a cable, is forward thinking, and mics in the hair like a boss, but she used to be an Elf for Santa, so can put in a good word for you great with children, radioing quickly and successfully, if she does say so in third person herself.

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