Saturday March 31


Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, 6.45pm, Animation

David Mackie (DoP, 2nd Unit)

Vincent McGahon (Camera Operator, Steadicam Operator)

Stephen Woolfenden (Director, 2nd Unit)


Skyfall, 7.30pm, ITV2

Julian Morson (B Camera Operator & Steadicam 

Michelle Rose (VFX Coordinator) 

Emma Friend (Underwater 2nd Assistant Camera)


Sherlock Holmes: a Game of Shadows, 8pm. TCM

Vincent McGahon (A Camera Operator, Steadicam Operator)

Julian Morson (Camera Operator (second unit)


Troy: Fall of a City, 9.10pm, BBC1

Fraser Barber (Sound Recordist)

Lola Post Production (VFX, main vendor)

Easter Sunday April 1


Rogue One, 6.30pm, Animation

 Victoria Keeling (Visual Effects Production Supervisor)

Rob Inch (Stunt Co-ordinator)

Francesca Crowder (Hair Stylist)

Tom Hannibal (2nd Assistant Editor)

Nick Poole (Camera Trainee, Additional Photography (Dailies)


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, 6.45pm, ITV2

Tony Dawe (Sound Recordist)

Vincent McGahon (B Camera, Steadicam)


The Durrells, 8pm, ITV

Joe Bullen (Steadicam, Dailies)

David Thrasher (Editor)

Dylan Voigt (Sound Recordist)

Mariella Spoto (Make up Supervisor to Designer Sarah Grundy)


Ordeal by Innocence, 9pm, BBC1

Ilana Garrard (B Camera, Steadicam Operator)


The Good Karma Hospital, 9pm, ITV

Mary-Jane Reyner (Costume Designer)

Sherlock Holmes, 10pm, ITV

Vincent McGahon (B Camera, Steadicam)

Dan Barrow (VFX Producer)

Jon Brown (Data Wrangler)


Spectre, 9pm, ITV2

Tim Keene (VFX Producer)

Francesca Crowder (Hair Stylist)

Spob O’Brien (Hair Stylist, Dailies)


Churchill, Netflix

Fraser Barber (Sound Recordist) Churchill’s Secret

Katie Player (Production Co-ordinator)



 Monday April 2


Dave Allen at Peace, 9pm, BBC2

 Hazel Webb-Croizer

Marcella, 9pm, ITV

Edward Clark (Steadicam Operator)

Daniel Gethic (Editor)

Yves Barre (Costume Designer)


Guardians of the Galaxy, 9pm, Hits Unit DoP)

Michael Brewster (2nd

John Mooney (Second Unit)

Julian  Morson (B Camera, Steadicam Operator)

Spob O’Brien (Make-up Artist)

Michelle Rose (VFX Production Manager)

Lee Sharp (Boom Operator, 2nd Unit)

Phil Eldridge (VFX Editor)


Kiss Me First, 10pm, C4

Ilana Garrard (B Camera, Steadicam Operator, Dailies)

Andrew Purcell (Production Designer)

Jermey Brown (Sound Recordist)

Fiona Starogardzki (Assistant Editor)


Doctor Strange, 7pm, Hits

Tuesday April 3

Julian Morson (A Camera Operator / Steadicam Operator)

Rupert Smith (VFX Production Manager)

Spob O’Brien (Hair & Make Up Artist)

Aoife Warren (Draughtsman)


Come Home, 9pm, BBC 1

Adam Trotman (Editor)


A United Kingdom, 11.35pm, Drama

Jonathan Beecham (A Camera Operator)

Ilana Garrard (Steadicam Operator, Dailies)

 Nick Poole (Camera Trainee)


 Wednesday April 4


Save Me, 9pm, Sky Atlantic

 Paul Schwartz (Sound Recordist)



Thursday April 5 


Deep State, 9pm, Fox

 Dylan Voigt (Sound Recordist)



Friday April 6


The City and the City, 9pm, BBC2

Edward Clark (Camera, Steadicam Operator)



29 March 2018