On The CW tonight, US viewers, and particularly those with a penchant for extreme antiquing, will be treated to the first instalment of the 8-part gem that is Hooten & The Lady. A British production from Red Planet Pictures, the show chronicles the treasure-hunting exploits of Hooten, a charming yet thievish rogue, who forms an unlikely but formidable partnership with Alex Lindo-Parker, an aristocratic scholar, in order to traverse the globe liberating artefacts at considerable personal danger.

Shot on-location in London, Russia, South Africa & Cambodia, The CW should feel confident that this cocktail of Golden-Age Hollywood glamour & wry British humour can be a hit across the pond. THIS review from Variety certainly suggests the series could well strike a chord with US audiences!

Big congrats are due to the following clients:

Candida Julian-Jones – Producer

Jules Hussey - Producer

Giulio Biccari – DoP

Jan Jonaeus – DoP

Jon Brown – VFX Set Supervisor

Catch the trailer HERE

Hooten And The Lady airs on The CW on Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT 

13 July 2017