Saturday 19th January

Solo: a Star Wars Story, 8:00PM on Sky Premiere – Sky 301, Virgin 431, BT 501, HD Virgin 401

Phil Eldridge (VFX Editor)

Brian Milliken AMPS, CAS (Sound Mixer, Second Unit)

Daniel Gethic (Previsualization Editor & Assembly Editor)

Francesca Crowder (Key Hair Stylist)


Sunday 20th January

Call The Midwife, 8:00PM on BBC1

Dominic Clemence (Director of Photography, Dailies)


Les Misérables, 9:00pm on BBC 1

Natasha Romaniuk (1st Assistant Director, Dailies)

Ed Clark ACO (Camera/Steadicam Operator)


Vera, 9:00PM on ITV

Marlene Lawlor (Costume Designer, Episode 2) 


Tin Star, 10:55PM on Channel 4

Ben Yeates (Editor)

Amy Hounsell (Editor)

Outpost VFX  


Monday 21st January

Cold Feet, 9:00PM on ITV

Darren Finch (Costume Designer)

Outpost VFX


Tuesday 22nd January

Show Dogs, available on Amazon Prime

David Mackie (DoP)

John Mooney (Sound Recordist)

Susannah Binding (Script Supervisor)

Jon Beacham ACO (A Camera Operator)


Thursday 24th January

Death in Paradise, 9:00PM on BBC1

Richard Signy (Director, Episodes 7 & 8)


Tin Star, 9:00 on Sky Atlantic – Sky 108

Ben Yeates (Editor)

Amy Hounsell (Editor, eps 3, 6, 7 & 8)

Ben Drury (Editor, eps 7 & 8)


Ready Player One, 8:00 on Sky Megahits, Sky 302, Virgin 433, BT 504, HD Virgin 403

Vincent McGahon, ACO, Associate BSC (B Camera Operator / Steadicam Operator)

Spob O'Brien (Hair Stylist)

Friday 25th January

Grantchester, 9:00PM on ITV

Paul Schwartz (Sound Mixer)


Captain Phillips, 9:00pm on Sky Thriller, Sky 308, Virgin 439, BT 509, HD Virgin 409

Dan Barrow (VFX Producer)

Rob Inch (Stunt Coordinator)

18 January 2019