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Alan Stewart Up For Maverick Movie Award For Best Cinematography

By August 24, 2011

Director of Photography, Alan Stewart, has recieved a 'Best Cinematography' nomination from the Maverick Movie Awards for his work on the film 'Lab Rats'.

'Lab Rats' is a sci-fi romantic comedy featuring Zac and Cindy, two university students who meet by chance while volunteering to be subjects in a bizarre psychology experiment.

They were just trying to earn a little extra cash to pay their tuition, but end up as pawns in bitter battle between two recently divorced professors, Dr John Marlow and Dr. Rita Riles, brilliant researchers who are each secretly using Zac and Cindy to prove competing theories about the human condition. 

In the end, Zac and Cindy have a few things to teach their professors about life, love, and relationships…  

The Maverick Movie Awards celebrates great storytelling, filmmaking craft, and cinematic style over the hype and celebrities that can dominate the festival circuit. Champions of all movie genres and filmmaking forms, the MMA’s selection committee has recognized everything from screwball comedies to global issue documentaries, action-horror flicks, experimental video art, computer-animated features, and everything in-between.

By championing great movies, regardless of origin, genre, or budget, our hope is to re-ignite the spirit of the major film festivals and distribution pioneers by celebrating what they once valued above glitz and glamour…simply put: GREAT CINEMA.

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