Michelle Scarlett Trainee - Production Assistant

A versatile production assistant with outstanding organisational skills, used to working in professional, demanding environments with a systematic and creative way of thinking. Michelle has gained office/administrative experience by writing funding applications, drafting/proofreading documents and correspondence; operating general office equipment, preparing reports,
scheduling, editing scripts and project management. Developed interpersonal skills through cold calls/emails, communicating with crew, contributors, potential funders and film festivals.

On set Michelle has had the opportunity to self-shoot and work with small crews. She would like to gain experience and develop my production career in HETV drama.

Production Credits


Cold Harbour Project

To support and assist the Producer in the production of a 360° VR documentary and exhibition.
Identify, contact and recruit possible contributors, businesses and local authority officials to be part of/fund/support the project.
Research archive material, images and film footage including obtaining licencing for use.

Independent Film Trust


Brixton Liveable Neighbourhood Project

Self Shooting first time Director

To develop four short films that communicate the state of air pollution and road safety in Brixton, how it is impacting the lives of residents and how it can be improved by infrastructural change.

Lambeth Local Authority


Current Affairs

Work Experience

To support the current affairs team by undertaking broadly based independent research for both a commissioned and non-commissioned programme.
Use the internet, social media platforms, blogs, YouTube, digital archives, group/event subscriptions, past news reports etc to research and source information.
Research filming locations



Oval House Theatre

Create, choreograph, write, manage and host termly theatre productions; work closely with other staff members such as lighting, sound and video technicians.
Project manage street dance theatre productions (main contact person and coordinator).
Administration including budgeting, monitoring and project evaluation
Establish connections, maintain relationships and network with outside organisations.
Coordinate staff meetings, organise appointments, monitor, set and evaluate targets.