Philip Jap Composer/Arranger

Philip started his career in music as a singer-songwriter and was signed to Carlin Music Publishing and A&M Records. He had a top 40 hit with Save Us, which was produced by Trevor Horn and also worked with producers Tom Newman (Tubular Bells) and Colin Thurston (Duran Duran).
Philip had his own one off 30 minute television special on BBC1 in which he performed tracks from his album.

It was during this period that Philip was commissioned to co-write the title music to the series, The Glory Boys, a three-part thriller starring Rod Steiger and Anthony Perkins. Philip and a colleague then went on to set up a music production company now called Audiofield. The production company specialised in music for TV commercials in which Philip composed and arranged hundreds of commissioned works for most of the London advertising agencies.
In 1997 Richard Branson and Tom Newman engaged Philip to write the lyrics for Pavanne a track on the multi-platinum selling album, Diana Princess of Wales tribute. The track was sung by opera singer Lesley Garret and Audiofield produced the track which was made up of a 48 piece orchestra.
Philip then went on to compose for the pop act Leilani achieving top ten success for ZTT records (Trevor Horn's label).
Philip continues to compose for commercials and has his own project called Barbesha Expo, an eclectic mix of musical styles that have a film soundtrack feel to them. It is because of this natural leaning to soundtrack music that Philip is now actively seeking film/documentary projects to which he can apply his compositions.

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