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L.A 2012

By November 19, 2012

A fantastic week out in LA – 23 meetings in five days. 
We went from New Regency on Monday morning to Focus Features on Friday via Marvel, Warners, Sony, Exclusive, Disney, Fox, Paramount and many others in between!
Oh, and a party at the British Consulate to celebrate the premiere of Anna Karenina!

The big shift in the last 12 months seems to be the growing
strength and power of high end TV and the interest in everyone working on it.  Without exception everyone we visited is looking to bring more than one project into the UK and Europe next year.  There is a huge enthusiasm for British talent and technicians and a genuine enjoyment in working over here.  We felt really proud to be telling everyone what you guys have been doing of late and the range of film and TV productions you’ve been working on.

LA feels much more familiar in this, our 4th year of visiting, and many of the producers and execs we met are beginning to feel like real colleagues. Everyone whom we met with was hospitable and charming and there’s now much follow up work to do in sending CVs out and keeping track of films and TV coming this way.

Kate took some amazing pictures during the week which we
thought you’d all like to see (check out our facebook page) and do call and ask anything more specific about the trip that you’d like to know.

Sara x