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By February 27, 2013

This evening on ITV1 at 9pm a brand new series called 'Lightfields' starts.

'Lightfields' is the follow-up to supernatural drama Marchlands, focusing on three families living in the same farmhouse in different decades and connected by the mysterious death of a girl. The story opens in 1944 with the aftermath of a fire that devastates Lightfields' hay barn. In 1975, a woman is forced to confront repressed childhood memories of her time as an evacuee in the area, and in 2012 a couple who have moved into the property are haunted by a restless spirit.

We at SPA towers love a good haunted house mystery and this looks not to disappoint.

Our clients James Bain (Sound Recordist) and Rick Woollard (Steadicam Operator) both worked on the series.