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Richard Signy Sets A New Direction For 'Death In Paradise'

By February 12, 2017

On Thursday night, fans of Death In Paradise were treated to the concluding episode of Man Overboard – the first 2-parter in the history of the show, which further broke with convention by relocating Humphrey Goodman (Kris Marshall) & the St Honore team from the balmy climes of Saint Marie to the wind & drizzle of London. It would prove to be the culmination of an era. 

Given his long-term involvement with Death In Paradise, Richard Signy was the natural choice to direct both parts of Man Overboard, as Executive Producer Tim Key explains:

“Having directed many of our more high profile episodes, we felt that Richard was absolutely the right person to helm our two part London special for Death in Paradise.  We needed someone who knew the show inside out, but could also bring something fresh to the mix as the show ventured into new territory. Perhaps the biggest challenge – and responsibility – was introducing our new lead detective in a surprising and dynamic way.  Richard delivered on all counts.  The cast always enjoy working with him and we couldn’t be prouder of the finished episodes.” 

Congratulations on doing such a bang-up job, Richard!

Part 1 can be found HERE

Part 2 can be found HERE

Now in its sixth season, Death In Paradise remains an immensely popular drama – factoring in the iPlayer audience, the first episode of this series garnered some 9.2 million viewers!