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SPA would like to introduce Little Island Productions

By October 15, 2013

We at Sara Putt Associates would love to introduce you to Little Island Productions, an exciting new production and production services company in the UK. Managing Director Helen Flint, has a long and illustrious background in Line Production and as Head of Production at Company Pictures. She has also worked as both a Producer and Executive Producer and is incredibly well versed in co-productions, international financing of shows and high end production generally.

Little Island Productions can provide a mechanism to put together any scripted show coming to the UK from a standing start.  With their resources and in depth knowledge of the whole UK market (not just London), Helen and her team can facilitate your whole show/series and take it into post if wanted, with as much or as little creative input as is required.

To find out more about Little Island Productions and for general enquiries visit their website via our 'Links' page or at the link below.