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By May 24, 2012

Don't miss the BAFTAs this weekend!

Many productions that our clients have worked on over the last 12 months have been nominated.

Production Designer Lisa- Marie Hall worked on 'Holy Flying Circus' and 'Random' (both for Hillbilly films) which have been nominated in the Best Single Drama category, along with 'Page Eight' (Heyday Films) which Production Designer Cristina Casali worked on.

In the Best Drama Series category the nominees include; 'The Fades' (BBC) and 'Spooks' (Kudos), which Sound Recordists David Lascelles and Brian Milliken worked on respecively.

'Shameless' (Company Pictures), has been listed in the Best Continuing Drama series. Ben Drury recently edited episodes 7 & 9 of the recent series.

Yves Barre was Costume Designer on both series of 'Psychoville' (BBC) which has been nominated in the New Media category.

Director of Photography Chris Openhsaw lit Peter Capaldi's comedy 'The Cricklewood Greats' (BBC), which has been nominated in the Best Comedy Programme Category.

The Situation Comedy list has 'Fresh Meat' (Objective Productions), Line Produced by Tracie Wright and Edited by Calum Ross, and 'Rev' (Big Talk Productions), Director of Photography David Marsh and Sound Recordist David Lascelles.

'Fresh Meat' has also been nominated in the YouTube Award alongside 'Sherlock' (BBC) which Tim Porter edited a block of.

For a full list of the nominees, check out the link below,3256,BA.html#jump01