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THE VIPERS NEST – Producer Gael McLaughlin

By November 23, 2010

UK sales and finance outfit The Salt Company has kicked off a new filmmakers cooperative to support new British talent who want to make commercial films.

The co-op, called The Vipers Nest, launches with 13 British directors, writers and producers, one of whom is our very own Producer Gael McLaughlin….

“There is strength in numbers and we believe that together this talented group can shake things up,” said Salt’s Samantha Horley in a statement. “In the UK industry it often seems that commercial is a dirty word. So we selected thirteen first time British directors, writers and producers to become members of The Vipers Nest. All The Vipers have an extremely impressive body of work in TV, ads, shorts or music videos. 

“Salt will provide encouragement, experience and a forum in which The Vipers can collaborate creatively and practically as well as explore every aspect of the filmmaking process. By empowering The Vipers, we hope that connections will be forged and quality commercial films made.”

In the Picture Gael is back row, second from the right!