The Sara Putt Associates Trainee Scheme is a professional development and mentoring programme designed to support trainees working behind the camera in the film and TV industry. You will receive a range of professional support that will help you present yourself professionally, and successfully manage a freelance career.

You are eligible for this scheme if you are a UK resident and currently have two professional credits but less than three years’ cumulative experience in your chosen department: Camera, Sound, Edit, Production Office, Art, Costume, AD, Script Supervisor. We are also keen to hear from you if you want to work in VFX.

    You need to be:
  • In need of advice on how to build a sustainable freelance career
  • Confident in your technical skills but unsure how to sell yourself
  • Keen to build a peer group network
  • Able to invest time in putting what you learn into practice
  • Willing to be proactive and create your own opportunities

We are committed to diversity and encourage applications from people from underrepresented backgrounds.

Trainee scheme 2019 application form