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TRUE LOVE Ep3 -19th June, BBC1- CRISTINA CASALI- Production Designer

By June 19, 2012

Tonight sees the thrid episode of the five piece improvised drama written and directed by Dominic Savage. Which debuted with a viewership of 3.11 million. The series is a sombre yet engaging portrayal of real-life relationships.

Each episode focuses on a different character in the seaside town of Margate, the lives of the characters cleverly intertwine to create a feeling of a complete community. 

Savages states  “The unscripted dialogue means the actors have to come with a natural approach and call on personal experience of a past relationship.

“Everyone has a first love and exploring how you would feel to meet that person again and what would happen?”

The improvision provides the drama with a very 'real' feeling littered with awkward pauses and realistic conversation.

Catch up with the first two epidsodes on BBC iPlayer and don't miss the third installment tonight at 10:35pm on BBC1.

Our client Cristina Casali was the Production Designer.