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Saturday 15th February 

Mission: Impossible-Fallout 9:00PM on Sky 303, Virgin 403, BT 503
Eddie Hamilton (Editor)
Ben Mills (VFX Editor)
Riccardo Bacigalupo (1st Assistant Editor)
One of Us (VFX Facility)
Julian Morson (Camera Operator)

Ready Player One 11:00PM on Sky Acion, Sky 307, Virgin 407, BT 507 
Vincent McGahon, (B Camera / Steadicam Operator)
Spob O’Brien (Hair Stylist)

Sunday 16th February

Call the Midwife 8.00PM on BBC1 
David Mackie (DOP, Eps 3 & 4)
Alex Kalmakrian (Editor, Eps 3 & 4)

The Pale Horse 9.00PM on BBC1 
Ben Greenacre (Line Producer)
Susannah Binding (Script Supervisor)

Homeland 9:00PM on Channel 4 (NEW SERIES!!) 
Louis Lewarne (Production Manager)

Monday 17th February

Cold Feet 9.00PM on ITV (SERIES FINALE!!) 
Darren Finch (Costume Designer)

Baghdad Central 10.00PM on Channel 4 
Chris Dall (1st AD, Eps 4, 5 & 6)
Louis Lewarne (Production Manager)

Tuesday 18th February

The Split 9.00PM on BBC1 
Natasha Romaniuk (Produecr)
Dan Gage (Editor, Eps 1 & 2)

Wednesday 19th February

Good Omens 9.00PM on BBC2 (SERIES FINALE!!)
Ed Clark (Steadicam Operator)
Vincent McGahon (Steadicam Operator)
Matthew Hanson (Scheduling)

Home 10.00PM on Channel 4 
Dan Gage (Editor)
Ilana Garrard (B Camera Dailies)

Avenue 5 10.00PM on Sky 1, Sky 106, Virgin HD 110, Virgin 109
Simon Frame (VFX Supervising Producer)
Fay Hancocks (VFX Production Manager)
Barney Curnow (VFX Technical Supervisor)

Thursday 20th February 

Death in Paradise 9.00PM on BBC1 
Ella Kelly (Producer)
Ian Barber (Director, Eps 1 & 2)
Richard Signy (Director, Eps 5 & 6)
Dominic Clemence (Director of Photography, Eps 1 & 2)
Alex Kalmakrian (Editor, Eps 3 & 4)

Prince of Persia: Sands of Time 10:00PM on Sky Adventure, Sky 306, Virgin 406, BT 506
Sarah Tulloch (VFX Coordinator)
Victoria Keeling (VFX Production Manager)

Friday 21st February 

Intelligence (Eps 1&2) 9:00PM & 9:30PM on Sky 1 (NEW SERIES!!) 
Johnny Rafique (SFX Supervisor)
Elements Special Effects (SFX Company)


Outlander – Sunday on Amazon Prime Video & STARZ (NEW SERIES!) 
Stephen Woolfenden (Director)