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New to NETFLIX this week

Black Mirror (New Series)
Matthew Hanson (1st AD, Episode 3)

Saturday 8th June

Killing Eve (New Series), 9.15 pm on BBC 1
Ed Clark ACO, (Steadicam Operator)
Helen Ostler (1st AD, Episodes 3 & 4)

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, 6.25 pm on ITV 2
David Mackie (Director of Photography)
Vincent McGahon (Camera Operator, Steadicam Operator)
Stephen Woolfenden (Director, 2nd Unit)

Mission: Impossible-Fallout, 8.00 pm on Sky 306, Virgin 437, BT 502, Virgin 407
Julian Morson, ACO, Associate, BSC, GBCT (Camera Op, UK)
Eddie Hamilton (Editor)
Ben Mills (VFX Editor)
Riccardo Bacigalupo (1st Assistant Editor)
One of Us (VFX Facility)

Blade Runner 2049, 5.15 pm on Sky 311, Virgin 442, BT 510, Virgin 412
Charlie Watson (1st Assistant Director, 2nd unit)

Sunday 9th June

Ready Player One, 9.00 pm on Sky 310, Virgin 441, BT 507, Virgin 411
Vincent McGahon, ACO, Associate BSC (B Camera Operator / Steadicam Operator)
Spob O’Brien (Hair Stylist)

Monday 10th June

Year of the Rabbit, 10.00 pm on Channel 4
Johnny Rafique (SFX Supervisor)
Elements Special Effects (SFX Facility)

Tuesday 11th June

The Planets, 9.00 pm on BBC 2
Lola Post Production Ltd (VFX Facility)

Dark Angel, 9.00 pm on ITV
David Lascelles (Production Sound Mixer)
Steve Peckover (Sound Recordist)

Guardians of the Galaxy, 5.55 pm on Sky 303, Virgin 434, BT 508, Virgin 404
Julian Morson (Camera / Steadicam Operator)
Michlle Rose (VFX Production Manager)
Phil Eldridge (VFX Editor)
Spob O’Brien (Make-Up Artist)
Michael Brewster (2nd Unit DOP)
John Mooney (2nd Unit Sound Recordist)
Lee Sharp (2nd Unit Boom Operator)

Solo: a Star Wars Story, 7.30 pm on Sky 306, Virgin 437, BT 502, Virgin 407
Brian Milliken (Sound Mixer, Splinter Unit)
Daniel Gethic (Previsualisation Editor & Assembly Editor)
Francesca Crowder (Key Hair Stylist)

Wednesday 12th June

Wild Bill (New Series), 9.00 pm on ITV
James Bain (Production Sound Mixer)
Daniel Gethic (Editor)
Peter Oliver (Editor)

Summer of Rockets, 9.00pm on BBC2
Fraser Barber (Production Sound Mixer)

John Carter, 8.00pm on Sky 304, Virgin 435, BT 503, Virgin 405
Dan Barrow (VFX Producer)
Roma Van Den Bergh (VFX Producer, Cinesite)
Sarah Tulloch (VFX Manager)
Michelle Rose (VFX Coordinator, Cinesite)
Becky Roberts (VFX Coordinator)
Victoria Keeling (Stereo VFX Production Manager)
Josie Henwood (VFX Coordinator)
Lola Post Production (VFX Facility)

Thursday 13th June

Riviera, 9.00pm on Sky Atlantic
Sue Howells (Producer)
Andrew Purcell (Production Designer)
Richard Moat (Line Producer)

Big Little Lies, 10.00 on Sky Atlantic
Sam Williams (Editor)

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