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Saturday 29th June

Killing Eve 9.15 pm on BBC 1
Helen Ostler (1st AD, Episodes 3 & 4)
Ed Clark ACO, (Steadicam Operator)

David Brent: Life on the Road 10.20 pm on BBC1
Alastair Widgery (Production Sound Mixer)

Slaughterhouse Rulez 10.00 pm on Sky 301, Virgin 431, BT 501, Virgin 401
Nua Watford (Dailies)

Maleficent 6.15 pm on Sky 304, Virgin 435, BT 503, Virgin 405
Dan Barrow (VFX Consultant)
Rupert Smith (VFX Production Manager)
Julian Morson ACO, (Steadicam (2nd Unit))
Jon Brown (Lead Data Wrangler)
Josie Henwood (VFX Coordinator)

Mission: Impossible – Fallout 9.00 on Sky 308, Virgin 439, BT 509, Virgin 409
Julian Morson, ACO, Associate, BSC, GBCT (Camera Op, UK)
Eddie Hamilton (Editor)
Ben Mills (VFX Editor)
Riccardo Bacigalupo (1st Assistant Editor)
One of Us (VFX Facility)

Sunday 30th June

Beecham House 9.00 pm on ITV
Fraser Barber (Production Sound Mixer)
Gail McQuillan (Line Producer)
Robyn Forsythe (Production Manager)
Amy Hounsell (Editor, Episodes 3 & 6)
Fiona Starogardzki (1st Assistant Editor, Episode 1)
Phil Hutchins (2nd Sound Assistant Dailies/ 2nd Unit Dailies)

Pride 12.30 am on BBC2
Ben Greenacre (Line Producer (Additional Photography))
Rodrigo Gutierrez ACO, Associate BSC (Steadicam Operator (Dailies))

Kingsman: the Golden Circle 8.00 pm on Sky 306, Virgin 437, BT 502, Virgin 407
Eddie Hamilton A.C.E (Editor)
Ben Mills (VFX Editor)
Francesca Crowder (Hair Stylist)
Oliver Nicholas Taylor (Production Assistant)
Riccardo Bacigalupo (1st Assistant Editor)
Nick Poole (Camera Trainee, Additional Photography)

Blade Runner at 10.50 pm on Sky 302, Virgin 433, BT 504, Virgin 403
Charlie Watson (1st Assistant Director, 2nd unit)

Solo: a Star Wars Story 9.00 pm on Sky 310, Virgin 441, BT 507, Virgin 411
Brian Milliken (Sound Mixer, Splinter Unit)
Daniel Gethic (Previsualisation Editor & Assembly Editor)
Francesca Crowder (Key Hair Stylist)

Lost in London 6.00pm on Sky 301, Virgin 431, BT 501, Virgin 401
Edward Brett (1st AD)
Simon Bishop (Production Sound Mixer)

Monday 1st July

Year of the Rabbit at 10.00 pm on Channel 4
Johnny Rafique (SFX Supervisor)
Elements Special Effects (SFX Facility)
Ilana Garrard (Steadicam Operator (Dailies))

Tuesday 2nd July

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom 8.00 pm on Sky 302, Virgin 433, BT 504, Virgin 403
Dan Barrow (VFX Producer)
Simon Reay (Director of Photography)
One of Us (VFX Company)

Wednesday 3rd July

Wild Bill 9.00 pm on ITV
Peter Oliver (Editor)
James Bain (Production Sound Mixer)
Daniel Gethic (Editor)

Victoria & Abdul 6.00 pm on Sky 309, Virgin 440, BT 511, Virgin 410
Alastair Rae – Associate BSC & ACO (B Camera Operator, 2 Weeks)

Thursday 4th July

Riviera 9.00 pm on Sky Atlantic
Sue Howells (Producer)
Richard Moat (Line Producer)
Andrew Purcell (Production Designer)

Ready Player One 9.00 pm on Sky 302, Virgin 433, BT 504, Virgin 403
Vincent McGahon, ACO, Associate BSC (B Camera Operator / Steadicam Operator)
Spob O’Brien (Hair Stylist)

Patrick 8.00pm on Sky 305, Virgin 436, BT 505, Virgin 406
David Lascelles (Sound Recordist)

On Demand

Woman in Gold on BBC iPlayer
Josh Ward (Cable-man (2nd Assistant Sound))