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Saturday 7th September

In the Loop 11.30pm on BBC2
Cristina Casali (Production Designer)

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald at 6.40 pm on Sky 303, Virgin 403 and BT 503
Stephen Woolfenden (Director, 2nd Unit)
Vince McGahon ACO, Associate BSC (Camera Operator, Steadicam Operator)

Sunday 8th September

Peaky Blinders 9.00 pm on BBC1
Jon Midlane (1st AD)
Karen Cluskey (Script Supervisor)

Sanditon 9.00 pm on ITV
Amy Hounsell (Editor, Episodes 1, 3 & 5)

State of the Union (New Series) 10.00pm on BBC2
Alastair Rae ACO, Associate BSC (A Camera / Steadicam Operator)

Johnny English Strikes Again 6.00pm Sky 303, Virgin 403, BT 503
Tony Cranstoun A.C.E (Editor)
Fiona Starogardzki (1st Assistant Editor)
Phil Hutchins (Additional Photography Sound Trainee)

Monday 9th September

A Confession 9.00 pm on ITV
Johnny Rafique (SFX Supervisor)
Elements Special Effects (SFX Company)

Gravity 8.00pm Sky 304,Virgin 404, BT504
Phil Eldridge (VFX Editor)
Edward Brett (1st AD, Additional Unit)

Kick-Ass 9.45pm Sky 304,Virgin 404, BT504
Julian Morson ACO (B Camera & Steadicam)

Kingsman:The Golden Circle 8.00pm Sky 307, Virgin 407, BT 507

Eddie Hamilton A.C.E (Editor)
Ben Mills (VFX Editor)
Francesca Crowder (Hair Stylist)
Oliver Nicholas Taylor (Production Assistant)
Riccardo Bacigalupo (1st Assistant Editor)
Nick Poole (Camera Trainee, Additional Photography)

Tuesday 10th September

Solo: A Star Wars Story 8.30pm on Sky 302, Virgin 412 BT 502
Brian Milliken (Sound Mixer, Splinter Unit)
Daniel Gethic (Previsualisation Editor & Assembly Editor)
Francesca Crowder (Key Hair Stylist)

Wednesday 11th September

Deep Water 9.00 pm on ITV
Brian Milliken (Sound Mixer)
Ben Drury (Editor, Episodes 5 & 6)
Mark Trend (Editor, Episodes 3 & 4)

Outlander (Series 3) 9.00 pm on More4
Brian Milliken (Sound Mixer)
Andrei Austin (Camera & Steadicam Operator)
Chris Maxwell (1st AC)

Thursday 12th September

Brassic 10.00pm on Sk1
David Butterworth (Production Designer)

Gravity 7.15 pm on Sky 311, Virgin 411 and BT 511
Phil Eldridge (VFX editor)
Edward Brett (1st AD, Additional Unit)

Edge of Tomorrow 10.00pm on Sky 311, Virgin 411, BT 511
Peter Talbot – Splinter Unit DOP (Dailies)
Julian Morson, ACO, Associate BSC, GBCT – B Camera Operator
Gavin Round (VFX Production Supervisor)
Keiran Murray-Smith (Producer)

Friday 13th September

Temple 9.00pm on Sky1(New Series)
Alistair Widgery (Production Sound Mixer)
Fiona Colbeck (Editor, Episodes 4,5&6)
Sian Wilson- Hair & Make-Up Designer)

New Online This Week!

Brooklyn BBC iPlayer
Charlie Watson (1st AD)
Daniel Bishop ACO, Assocaite BSC, SOC