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Sunday 27th October

World on Fire 9:00PM on BBC1 
Chanya Button (Director)
Mark Trend (Editor, Episodes 5&6)

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire 5.05PM on ITV
Michael Brewster (2nd Unit DoP)
Dan Barrow (VFX Production Manager)
Jon Brown (Shoot Matchmover – Dailies)
Sarah Tulloch (VFX Production Assistant)

Braveheart 8.00PM on Sky 304, Virgin 404, BT 504
Orla Carroll (Assistant Hairdresser)
Francesca Crowder (Hairdresser)

Gravity 11PM on Sky 304, Virgin 404, BT 504
Phil Eldridge (VFX Editor)
Edward Brett (1st AD, Additional Unit)

Monday 28th October

Watchmen 9.00PM on Sky Atlantic
Darin McLeod (Co- Producer)
One of Us (VFX Company)
James Bain (Prod Sound Mixer UK Unit)
Olwen Morrey (Daily Costume Junior)

Ready Player One 4.20PM on Sky 311, Virgin 403, BT 503
Vincent McGahon, (B Camera / Steadicam Operator)
Spob O’Brien (Hair Stylist)

Wednesday 30th October 

Doc Martin 9.00PM on ITV 
Simon Bishop (Production Sound Mixer)

Guilt 9.00PM on BBC2 (New Series)
Jules Hussey (Producer)
Nick Poole (Camera Trainee, Dailies)

Thursday 31st October

The Accident 9.00PM on Chanel 4)
Chris Dall (1st AD)
Ben (Brenda) Yeates (Editor)

Giri/Haji 9.00PM on BBC2 
Ed Clark, Dailies (Camera/Steadicam Operator)

Venom 8PM on Sky 311, Virgin 403, BT 503
One of Us (VFX Company)

Kick Ass 10.15PM on Sky 307, Virgin 407, BT 507
Julian Morson ACO (B Camera & Steadicam)

Friday 1st November

Still Open All Hours, 8.00PM on BBC1
Peter Edwards (Director of Photography)
Tudor George (Costume Designer)

Vera, 8:30PM on ITV
Marlene Lawlor (Costume Designer)

Online This Week!

The King, Netflix
Julian Parry (VFX Consultant)