What to Watch this Week…

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Sunday 5th April

Episode 4 of 6 
9pm on ITV
Liz Trubridge (Producer)
Shaida Kazemi (Script Supervisor - Dailies)

Good Karma Hospital 
Series III, Episode 4 of 7
9pm on ITV
David Butterworth (Production Designer)

Episode 8 of 12 
9pm on Channel 4
Louis Lewarne (Production Manager)

War of the Worlds 
Episode 6 of 8
9pm on Fox
Michael Harrowes (Editor)

Episode 5 of 8
10pm on BBC2
David Lascelles (Production Sound Mixer)

Monday 7th April

Series II, Episode 6 of 6
9pm on ITV
Kate Dudley (Line Producer)
Darren Finch (Costume Designer)
Shaida Kazemi (2nd Unit Script Supervisor)

Series V, Episode 8 of 12 
Amazon Prime
Stephen Woolfenden (Director, Episodes 1, 2, 7 & 8)

Tuesday 8th April

Our Girl
Series IV, Episode 3 0f 6
9pm on BBC1
Peter Oliver (Editor, Episodes 1, 2 & 3)

Strike Back Vendetta 
Series VIII, Episode 7 of 10
9pm on Sky One
Steven Worsley (Editor, Episodes 1 & 6)
Andrei Austin (2nd Unit DOP & C Camera Operator)

Wednesday 9th April

Save Me Too 
Series II, Episode 2 of 6
9pm on Sky Atlantic
Rob Entwistle (Sound Mixer)
Andrei Austin (Steadicam Operator – Dailies)

The Trouble with Maggie Cole 
Episode 6 of 6
9pm on ITV
Jeremy Brown (Production Sound Mixer)

Season I, Episode 5 of 10
10.30 on Sky One
Tom Walden (Camera Operator)

In My Skin
Episode 2 of 5 
10.45 on BBC One
Peter Oliver (Editor, Episodes 2, 3, 4 & 5)

Thursday 10th April

Noughts & Crosses 
Episode 6 of 6
9pm on BBC1
Amanda Wasey (Line Producer)
Giulio Biccari (DOP, Episodes 4, 5 & 6)

Friday 11th April

Series II, Episode 4 of 8
9pm on Sky1
Kiaran Murray-Smith (Producer)
Victoria Goodall (Line Producer)
Lisa Kelsey (Production Manager)
Melisa Kurtay (1st AD - Dailies)
Chris Bullock (Sound Assistant - Dailies)

War of the Worlds
Series 1, Episode 7 of 8
10pm on Fox
Michael Harrowes (Editor, Episodes 5 & 7)

Online Platforms

BBC iPlayer

In My Skin
Peter Oliver (Editor, Episodes 2, 3, 4 & 5)


Outlander - Series I, II, III, IV & V
Stephen Woolfenden (Director)

Hanna, Series I
Katie Player (Production Manager)

Carnival Row, Series I
Jon Beacham, A Camera Operator (Additional Photography)

Blinded by the Light
Vincent McGahon (B Camera / Steadicam Operator)  

Justice League
Pierre Bohanna (Costume FX HoD Modeller)
Nick Poole (Camera Trainee, Additional Photography)
Marvyn Marques (Costume Trainee)


The English Game
David Thrasher (Editor)
Esther Vardy (B Camera Operator)

The Crown, Series I, II & III
Chris Ashworth (Sound Mixer)
James Harris (Sound Mixer)
Simon Bishop (Sound Mixer)
Chris Barwell (Editor)
Tim Porter (Editor)
Ben Yeates (Editor)
One of Us (VFX Company)

Sex Education, Series I & II
Ilana Garrard (B Camera / Steadicam Operator)
Tom Walden (B Camera / Steadicam Operator)
Will Lyte (B Camera / Steadicam Operator)
Brett Thomas (1st AD, 2nd Unit)
Sophie Cowdrey (Art Department Assistant)
Elements (SFX Company)

Top Boy, Season III
Will Lyte (B Camera / Steadicam Operator)
George Thompson (Second Assistant Sound)

The Witcher, Series I
Julian Parry (VFX Supervisor)
Gavin Round (VFX Producer)
James Frater (A Camera/Steadicam Operator)
Tom Chapman (1st Assistant Editor)
Nathanial Jacobs (Editorial PA)
Benjamin Omoregie (Location Assistant)
One of Us (VFX Company)

After Life, Series I
Alastair Widgery (Sound Mixer)

The Last Kingdom, Series I, II, III & IV
Liz Trubridge (Producer)
Richard Moat (Line Producer)
James Frater (Camera / Steadicam Operator)
Chris Ashworth (Sound Mixer)
Paul Schwartz (Sound Mixer)
Steve Peckover (Sound Mixer)
Tom Chapman (1st Assistant Editor)
Glassworks (VFX Company)
Black Mirror, Series I, II, III, IV & V
Ben Greenacre (Line Producer)
Jakub Chilczuk (VFX Producer)
Lukasz Bukowiecki (VFX Editor)
Chris Ashworth (Sound Mixer)
Alastair Widgery (Sound Mixer)
Jeremy Brown  (Sound Mixer)
Chris Barwell (Editor)
Ben Yeates (Editor)
Matthew Hanson (1st AD)
Alastair Rae (Camera / Steadicam Operator)
Daniel Bishop (Camera / Steadicam Operator)
Fraser Barber (Sound Mixer)
David Lascelles (Sound Mixer)
Jon Beacham (Camera / Steadicam Operator)
Rick Woollard (Camera / Steadicam Operator)
Nick Poole (Camera Assistant)
Charlotte Scott-Gray (Camera Assistant)
Glassworks (VFX Company)