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The television advert everyone is talking about.

By May 22, 2015
The eight-part series Humans (starring William Hurt, Rebecca Front and Katherine Parkinson) centres on the contemporary consumer; except this is within a parallel universe where you can purchase a synth – a cutting-edge robotic servant. Designed to assist with household chores, childcare and even personal training; synths are THE accessory for a busy family. 

In the wake of creations such as ChihiraAico – the humanoid robot receptionist in Japan, Humans’ parallel universe is not so far from reality. In a case of “life imitating art” Channel 4 has created a Persona Synthetics advert with an accompanying website, Twitter and Facebook feed as well as an eBay store where, for £20,000 you can have your own Sally Synth! 

See this for yourself HERE  

As much as a contemporary novelty Sally might seem, I think you may agree her glazed expression and uncanny ability to pre-empt your next thought is a bit too unnerving…